Kassie on Vietti Vinyl

Kassie Jordan is one of the hardest working girls in music around Nashville and a force to be reckoned with. She and her band will instantly grab your interest and refuse to let it go with an eclectic mix of country, rock, and even the occasional rap thrown in for good measure.

Growing up in Lancaster, South Carolina, Kassie began singing at a very young age. At first she sang in the choir at church and festivals. By the age of 11 she sang at the Myrtle Beach Opry and continued to do so until she was 16. She has also sung the National Anthem at a few NBA games and multiple college and high school sporting events.

She has always been a huge Patsy Cline fan, singing her stuff since she was little. “She had such a pure voice,” says Kassie. “Singers now over-sing so much; they just scream high notes at you and stress you out, haha. Singers like Patsy Cline, who just…sang, they are hard to find these days.” She also cites Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller as big influences in her writing. As a student at USC in Lancaster, Kassie further pursued her music career by coming to Nashville for various conventions, festivals, record meetings and competitions. She had the support of her family throughout it all. Her father asked locals for advice on which college would be best if she wanted to intern on Music Row. They kept hearing about Belmont, and so she decided to make the move to Nashville. After graduating from Belmont, Kassie took a short break from music to save money. Three years ago she got back into the game all on her own, which is no easy feat. These days she is doing the music thing full time. While difficult, it is what she loves, and so it is worth all the trouble and hard times. According to Kassie, “I’ve made some great friends here in Nashville, so I wouldn’t change a thing lookin’ back. And I’m finally starting to get somewhere with my own music, which is nice. Singing cover music is fun, but it’s nothing like singing songs you wrote and watching people actually enjoy it. Best feeling in the world.”

Besides singing she recently began recording commercial voice-overs for Hasbro Toys, Inc. doing jingles. “The most interesting commercial I did was a Kazoo track for a toy from Toy Story 3. It was awesome. I could finally call myself a professional Kazoo player!”